Shaffy Bello – Nigerian movie actress

My first introduction to Shaffy Bello was in 1997 on African Independent Telivision’s music show, Kenny’s music.  She was a singer and main dancer in Seyi Sodimu’s hit single, “Love me Jeje”. It was a different kind of song. Her husky voice captivated us as much as her delectable body, encased in a satin dress to show off its features, and we all enjoyed it. 

Then suddenly, she vanished from our TV sets until years later, when I suddenly saw her on Tinsel, the long running five days a week series on MultiChoice African Magic channels. Tinsel has been running for twelve years. It must be the longest running series on any Nigerian TV.  

shaffy bello, Nollywood actress

Shaffy was born in Nigeria in October 1970, but moved to the United States in the 80s. She returned to Nigeria in 2009 and she starred in a Yoruba Movie called Eti Keta. 

There is something different about Shaffy Bello. She has a way of interpreting whatever role she is given that would make the audience believe that must be her true lifestyle.

Shaffy can be the spoiled scheming wife of a wealthy industrialist (AM Battleground), or the mistress of a rich man who decided to have a child for the husband of her madam’s customer (Chief Daddy).  She could be cast as the semi literate single mother who sells clothes in Isale Eko (Ovie’s Voice), or the returnee who was nearly swindled by a romance scammer. 

Shaffy Bello: Movies and Shows

The following list is not exhaustive, but here are some of the movies and shows Shaffy Bello has acted in:

  1. Eti Keta
  2. Tinsel (as Joanne Lawson). 2012 English/TV series
  3. Lara and the Beat. 
  4. When Love Happens (as Anna). 2018 English/Romantic Comedy
  5. Moth to a Flame (as Mrs. Clinton). 2016 English/Romantic Comedy
  6. Discontent (as Zoe). 2016 English/Thriller
  7. Aviva’s Pearls (as Aviva’s Mum). 2017 English/Drama
  8. Separated (as Mabel). 2019 English/Drama
  9. Gbomo Gbomo Express (as Alexis Osita-Park). 2015 English/Action
  10. It’s Her Day (as Mrs. Hernandez). 2016 English/Comedy
  11. Ovy’s Voice (as Mrs. G). 2017 English/Romance
  12. Chief Daddy (as Nike Williams). 2018 English/Comedy
  13. Your Excellency (as Laide Ajadi). 2019 English/Comedy
  14. Elevator Baby. 2019 English/Comedy
  15. Hire a Man. 2017 English
  16. Battleground (as Adaora Bhadmus). 2017- Africa Magic TV series)
  17. Light will Come. 2016 English/Comedy
  18. Twisted Twins. 2017 English/Drama
  19. Three Thieves (as Madam Boss). 2020 English/Comedy
  20. From Lagos with Love. 2018 English/Romantic Comedy
  21. Iboju. 
  22. Fishbone (as Mama T). 2020 English/Crime Thriller
  23. The Men’s Club (as Mrs. Teni Doregos). 2020 English/Web Series

Shafy Bello is married with two children.