Review of Far From Home: This Netflix Limited Series Has A Great Script And Acting That Matches

Synopsis: Far From Home tells the story of Ishaya Bello (Mike Afolarin), a charismatic teenager and talented artist from a poor family whose dreams suddenly appear within reach when a prestigious scholarship to the most exclusive school in the country is announced. Wilmer Academy, catapults him into the affluent world of Nigeria’s elite. All the while a huge secret threatens Ishaya’s newfound status and, ultimately, his family’s safety.

Far From Home: The Cast 

  • Mike Afolarin as Ishayo Bello
  • Elma Mbadiwe as Carmen Wilmer-Willoughby
  • Genoveva Umeh as Ozinna
  • Bucci Frankin as “Government“
  • Funke Akindele as Patricia
  • Olumide Oworu as Atlas
  • Emeka Nwagbaraocha as Frank
  • Gbubemi Ejeye as Adufe
  • Bimbo Akintola as Mabel Wilmer-Willoughby
  • Richard Mofe-Damijo as Feyi Wilmer-Willoughby
  • Adesua Etomi-Wellington as Ms. Irurhe
  • Paul Adams as Ishaya Snr- Ishaya’s father
  • Tomi Ojo as Rahila
  • Bolanle Ninalowo as Oga Rambo
  • Ruby P. Okezie as Nnenna
  • Natse Jemide as Reggie
  • Raymond Umenze as Denrele
  • Carol King as Principal Gemade
  • Linda Ejiofor as Ms. Abubakar
  • Femi Branch as Babatunde
  • Erica Nlewedim
  • Chioma Chukwuka-Akpotha
  • Deyemi Okanlawon
  • Ufuoma McDermott

Far From Home: The Crew

  • Dami Elebe – Head Writer
  • Nk’iru. Njoku – Writer
  • Chiemeka Osuagwu – Writer
  • Jola Ayeye – Writer
  • Abosi Ogba – Writer
  • Catherine Stewart – Director
  • Kayode Kasum – Director
  • Kenneth Gyang – Director
  • Chinaza Onuzo – Executive Producer
  • Erika Klopper – Executive Producer
  • Zulumoke Oyibo – Executive Producer
  • Damola Ademola – Executive Producer
Review of Far from Home, a Netflix Limited Series
Review of Far from Home, a Netflix Limited Series

Far From Home: Review

The casting director of Far from Home deserves a lot of accolades; almost all the characters are well chosen.  At first, you wonder why these students are behaving like they are. But when you realize this is similar to a sixth-form college, an academy between Secondary school and University, with an age range of 17 to 21, you understand the seeming laxity in discipline and in their behaviours. 

It is a good portrayal of rich kids and how they live, the children of the ‘one percent of the one percent’, and how the ecosystem is upset when someone from the trenches is thrown among them. It is refreshing the way the new and young Nollywood actors are paired with the old Nollywood actors, without the old actors overshadowing the young ones. Everyone shines.

The script is great and the acting complements the script. We have lovely and appropriate locations and props, truly portraying the roles and affluence or otherwise of the characters.

It is a treat to see Bimbo Akintola in the role she plays here; it fits her like a glove, and the onscreen chemistry with RMD is a delight. All the actors left everything on the screen, but the major eye candy is the actor playing Reggie, Natse Jemide. I look forward to seeing him in more productions. The story arc for Adufe is very interesting – how she moves from a timid girl to someone who takes down a crime lord. Deyemi Okanlawon acting as an older artist is good, but his makeup leaves a lot to be desired: his grey beard is not convincing.

The writers did a good job. However, I have a reservation about the way the conflict was resolved. We spend 4.5 episodes building up the background and tension, and then everything is resolved in half an episode. I do not posit to dictate to the crew, but as a viewer, I expect something more to chew on. That resolution is abrupt and could have been handled a little better.

The ending suggests there will be another season. I hope the crew does not destroy what they have done in this first season. I hope the show does not fall under the sophomore curse. This is a series I will watch again to see anything I missed on the first watch.

Nollyrated Score: 4/5 (Great Movie)

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  1. Poor
  2. Sub Par
  3. Okay
  4. Great
  5. Outstanding

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19 thoughts on “Review of Far From Home: This Netflix Limited Series Has A Great Script And Acting That Matches”

  1. What do you mean “takes down a crime lord” ??? Did you just spoil my entire beautiful series?? To think that I’m just on episode 4😭

  2. The actors killed their roles no CSP!
    Reggie is a delight to watch and my god! Rahila is a true definition of black is beautiful.
    We all need a friend like Michael and the character Frank was just awesome.

  3. I love the movie it actually teaches that selfishness gets you nowhere.
    And Reggie is absolute candy to watch🥵…
    His fighting skills are amazing 😂😂

    • It’s not selfishness, those are some of the obstacles u need to cross before you achieve your dreams.
      How which he did not do all that, he would have not been able to achieve the dream of becoming the greatest artist

  4. The Nigerian film industry is now willing to take the challenge and show the world what we’ve got. With support from the government and encouragement from we the citizens, we will be able to compete with Hollywood in the global industry.
    Giving it back to black.

  5. Omo dis movie is a jam, I almost felt like I was watching an American series film

    Can’t wait for the season 2 pls🙏🙏🙏 when is the release date


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