Kunle Remi: Top 10 movies 

With the release of Anikulapo on Netflix and in the cinemas in Nigeria, Kunle Remi’s name is on everyone’s lips right now and it is not undeserved. Kunle had to learn so much to be able to portray the role realistically, and it is a testament to his work ethics. He has truly grown from being a teacher and working as a Father Christmas, to becoming the darling of Nollywood producers. 

Kunle Remi studied and trained in both Acting for film and Filmmaking & Directing at the prestigious New York Film Academy. He also studied Fisheries and Wildlife Management at the University of Ibadan. He got his break into Nollywood after emerging as the winner of The Gulder Ultimate Search Season 7 in 2010. Remi started acting professionally in 2011, and his first major role was in Heavy Beauty, produced by Grace Edwin Okon and directed by Stanlee Ohikhuare.

Kunle Remi: Top 10 movies 

Kunle Remi’s Top 10 Movie Titles

Here are his top movies and years of release:

  1. Ijakumo 2022
  2. Anikulapo 2022 Saro
  3. Saint Oyinda 2022
  4. Deserted 2022
  5. Treasury 2022
  6. Warmth in Despair 2022
  7. Baby maker 2021
  8. Borrowed Wealth 2021
  9. A Naija Christmas 2021
  10. Prophetess 2021
  11. April Showers 2021
  12. Introducing The Kujus 2020
  13. Mama Drama 2020
  14. Gold Statue 2019

Upcoming Movies Featuring Kunle Remi 

  • Woke (coming in Nov 2022)


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