Bimbo Ademoye (Nollywood Actress): Profile, Movies, Shows

Bimbo’s face is so expressive that sometimes you would just burst into laughter just by looking at her face, she has not uttered a word, but she is speaking so much with her face. It is interesting to note that she just joined Nollywood in 2014, barely 6 years ago and has already established herself as a force to be reckoned with in the industry.


Bimbo Ademoye was born on was born on February 4, 1991 and raised by her single father. Despite her talent and skills, she did not study drama or theatre. She studied Business Administration at Covenant University. Graduates of Covenant University are known to be versatile and industrious in their chosen professions. Bimbo played the role of Bola Sugar in Sugar Rush.  She was the over-pampered youngest sister of the three sisters who could not keep her mouth shut and was always getting them into more trouble at every opportunity.

Bimbo Ademoye (Nollywood Actress): Profile, Movies, Shows

Before her role in Sugar Rush, Bimbo Ademoye was largely known for her comedic and dramatic roles in movies like Backup wife and Searching for Baami.  Below is a list of some of the movies she has appeared in.

Bimbo Ademoye Movies and Shows

  1. Anikulapo (2022) Arolake
  2. Gone 2021
  3. Ayinla 2021
  4. Breaded Life 2021 Todowode Comedy
  5. Tanwa Savage 2021
  6. Nneka The Pretty Serpent 2020
  7. Introducing The Kujus 2020 Ebi
  8. Sugar Rush 2019 Bola Sugar Crime Comedy
  9. Looking for Baami 2019 Ajindeife Comedy Drama
  10. Girlfriends 2019 Ivie Crime Drama
  11. The Family 2019 Toke Ogunyemi Drama
  12. Kamsi 2018 Ije Action Drama
  13. Getting Over Him 2018 Comedy
  14. Light in the Dark 2018 Ifeoma Drama
  15. Personal Assistant 2018
  16. Desperate Housegirls Omolola Series
  17. Gone 2018
  18. Last Days
  19. The Backup Wife 2017 Wura Romantic Comedy
  20. Diary of a Crazy Nigerian Woman
  21. It’s About Your Husband
  22. Charmed
  23. Rofia Tailor Loran
  24. This Is It 2016
  25. Where Talent lies 2014

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