Movie Review: Progressive Tailors Club (2021)

Synopsis of Progressive Tailors Club: Members of the Progressive Tailors Club gathered for a meeting to elect their new leader. However, when a long-standing, trusted executive is eliminated for corruption, it comes down to a choice between the old, the new, and the ridiculous.

The Cast

  • Beverly Osu
  • Uzor Arukwe
  • Funnybone
  • Blessing Jessica Obasi
  • Rachel Oniga
  • Lizzy Jay
  • Adedimeji Lateef
  • Bolaji Ogunmola
  • Femi Adebayo
  • Kolawole Ajeyemi

The Crew

  • Directed by Biodun Stephen
  • Produced by Niyi Akinmolayan and Victoria Akujobi
Progressive Tailors Club movie poster

Progressive Tailors Club The Review

At first, you would think this was your run-of-the-mill slapstick comedy, but as the movie draws you in, beneath the laughter, hilarity and ridiculousness, you begin to see the comparison to our society. The director of the movie, Biodun Stephen, is perfecting the art of using seemingly ridiculous storylines, filled with laughter, to make a stand, a kind of satirical storytelling. 

From the opening credit, you begin to laugh, though sometimes, the laughter seems pointless, and overdone. But it does not take away from the message of the movie, the spotlight on what is happening in the Nigerian society today. 

Two things Biodun Stephen does well: her ability to bring together the different sections of Nollywood into a movie and direct them to provide a good movie, and how she uses professions that we don’t usually see projected as her vehicle. In Breaded Life, we saw the lives of the local bread makers. In Picture Perfect, we saw the lives of area boys and garage boys. And in PTC, we see the lives of tailors.  We mostly dismiss these groups of people, but she brings them to our front and under the spotlight. 

The movie has its primary location in a hall; we do not see much sewing, considering it is centred around tailors. A lot of the story is told in flashback; flashback can be good, but the use should be sparing. Then we could do with a lot more acting, and less talking and telling of the story.  It is a good movie, full of laughter and hilarity, but you may not want to see it a second time. 

NollyRated Score: 3/5 (Okay Movie) 

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  1. Poor
  2. Sub Par
  3. Okay
  4. Great
  5. Outstanding

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