Movie Review: For Maria Ebun Pataki (2020) is an outstanding production; now on Netflix

Synopsis: After a difficult child delivery, Derin finds herself out of step with those she loves, including her newborn, Maria. With her mother-in-law questioning her parenting skills, and her husband, Afolabi, becoming increasingly worried, For Maria Ebun Pataki confronts the realities of postpartum depression.

For Maria: The Cast

  • Gabriel Afolayan, as Afolabi
  • Tubi Aiyedehin, as Doctor
  • Dayo Akinboro, as Dayo Akinboro
  • Judith Audu, as Tola
  • Demi Banwo, as AY
  • Tina Mba, as Grandma
  • Meg Otanwa, as Derin

For Maria: The Crew

Damilola Orimogunje: Director 

For Maria Ebun Pataki movie review

For Maria: The Review

One of the things that strikes you is the starkness and grittiness of ‘For Maria Ebun Pataki’. It has no time for fluff, tells the story straight forward, and hits you in the solar plexus. The movie does not pretend to inject comedy in this subject, and that made it all the better, And with the barest of cast, the story hits a home run. 

Nollywood has always been criticized for its focus on only commercial movies. This production is a breath of fresh air; it addresses a seemingly taboo subject in the Nigerian society, As a people, we hardly discuss the mental health of new mothers. We expect them to immediately take to their new born; after all, it has always been the dream to carry and nurture their own child in their arms.  When a woman’s body goes through a difficult birth, her mind can revolt, and this is properly portrayed in this movie. 

It is obvious that this movie production is well researched. The right terminologies are used, without alienating the viewers. Everyone who sees the movie will relate with one aspect or the other. 

I dare say Gabriel Afolayan has no bad acting record. He may be involved in bad movies, but he always brings his A game and leaves everything on the screen. He is such a skilled actor, you will be forgiven to think he is not acting at all. Meg Ottawa is not frequent on our screens, but her interpretation of her role in For Maria is stellar. She portrays the role so well, you will shed a tear for her.

Tina Mba is a super star who embodies the role of a doting mother and grandmother, The African mother, who has her ways of caring for her family. I enjoy seeing her on my screen, and this movie is no different. The chemistry between the three lead characters is a thing of beauty to see. 

One of the things I find grating in many Nollywood movies is how the costumes and locations don’t match the supposed income bracket of the characters. For Maria showcases the right type of location and costume, all completely relatable, and lending credence to the story. The movie does not boast of an over-the-board cinematography: it provides the right type that suits the story. 

The ending refuses to be romantic; it is tragic without going overboard. The movie leaves you thinking. You wonder what could have been done to prevent the tragedy, then you introspect. You ask yourself what you can do, and how you can help the next time you see the things portrayed in this movie. 

It is interesting that For Maria is a 2020 movie and is now available on Netflix in 2022. This is an overall excellent Nollywood production, and deserves to be seen by everyone. 

NollyRated Score: 5/5 (Outstanding Movie).

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  1. Poor
  2. Sub Par
  3. Okay
  4. Great
  5. Outstanding

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  1. I watched it 2 days ago, and I shed tears for some women that have passed through postpartum depression.
    Gabriel really portrayed himself as a very supportive and understanding husband. It was tragic and yet very educative.


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