The Top 50 Nigerian Movies on Prime Video 2022-2023 (Nollywood Blockbuster Titles)

Amazon Prime Video is now available in Nigeria. If you have subscribed or are looking to subscribe, you are likely looking for a list of the Nigerian movies you can watch on the platform. Which is why we have compiled a list of the best Nigerian movies on Prime Video, for your convenience. There is a rich selection of Nollywood movies available for you to select from.

It will interest you to know that, though Amazon prime Video only recently launched in the country, there is already an extensive catalogue of Nollywood movie titles you can enjoy there. See the list of the top Nigerian movies on Prime Video below.

Nigerian movies on Prime Video
The Complete List Of Nollywood/Nigerian Movies on Prime Video in 2022

Top Nigerian Movies on Prime Video 2022

  1. Lockdown Love
  2. Mrs & Mrs Right
  3. When Love Comes Knocking
  4. Different Worlds
  5. Married To Myself
  6. A New Husband For Christmas
  7. Sylvia
  8. Turning Tables
  9. Dinner
  10. The Visit
  11. Crossroads
  12. She Is
  13. EVA
  14. Same Difference
  15. Deceitful Passions
  16. Last Days
  17. Half Of A Yellow Sun
  18. Love In A Puff
  19. Love Lives Here
  20. Happiness Is A Four Letter Word
  21. Disguise
  22. How To Love
  23. Butterflies
  24. The Birghtons
  25. Superstar
  26. The Hidden Truth
  27. Naija Odyssey
  28. Teary Of Love
  29. With Love From Budapest
  30. The Matchmaker
  31. Ambiguity
  32. Doctor Lanre
  33. Judas
  34. 5:55 (Five Fifty-five)
  35. The Love Between Us
  36. Damage
  37. Mrs. Right Guy
  38. Undercover Consequences
  39. Rule No. 1
  40. Looking For Love
  41. Sidechic Gang
  42. The Visit
  43. Nurses From Hell
  44. The Ideal Husband
  45. The Prophecy
  46. Conscripted
  47. Damage
  48. Behind Closed Doors
  49. Jean Of The Jones
  50. Nurses From Hell
  51. Gangs Of Lagos

Is Anikulapo available on Amazon Prime Video? Unfortunately, not at this time. It isn’t. You will have to go watch it on Netflix or in the cinemas. As new titles become available, we will keep our list of Nollywood/Nigerian movies on Prime Video regularly updated for your convenience.

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