What people are saying about Sugar Rush: A social media roundup

Sugar Rush was released to the cinema in December, 2019, and the global pandemic may have affected its run in the cinemas. But it got a new lease of life when it was accepted on Netflix, and it became available to a larger audience, as the Nigerians in diaspora also had access to the movie. We had reviewed the movie, but this write up is to sample what the audience had to say about the movie.

At a point, the movie was pulled by the Nigerian Films and Movies Censors Board. What guidelines the movie violated were not clear. There was nary a bad word for the movie on Twitter, as we observed. Most of those who saw the movie at the cinema claimed it was worth the hype and the money they spent. Those who saw it on Netflix insisted it was a good watch.

It obviously touched a deep part of the audience. They needed laughter. 2019 had been a heavy year, but even more so has 2020 been. The movie was released to Netflix during the pandemic, and people had minimal places to go to to have fun, so it was a form of therapy for everyone locked in.

Bisola Ayeola received a lot of the accolades we came across. Some viewers have called for her to feature in a movie where she would be the main star. She was that good in interpreting her role in Sugar Rush.

But you didn’t come to this page to read what we think. Below are the comments about Sugar Rush that we found on social media.

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