What people are saying about Òlòtúré: A social media roundup

What are people saying about the movie, Òlòtúré? We scoured through social media to find out

When movies are released in the cinema, producers depend on box office to get funds and get conversations going about it. For Oloture, it had to be released on Netflix, and the producers depended on social media to get the buzz going on the movie.  Oloture is not your run of the mill movie. It is a movie that leaves your heart and emotions raw.

We already have our own review of the movie published, but we also wanted to highlight the thoughts of those who have seen the movie.

So we scoured Twitter to read what the people are saying about the movie. What was the acceptance like? Could people relate with it?  Comments and reactions to the movie varied, from sadness, to anger, and to applause for the cast and crew. 

 We also found people relating it with what is happening in Nigeria now and how that could force some people into such circumstances. It was equally interesting to find a dispute on the credit for the groundwork for the movie. 

Some commenters on the movie were impressed – impressed with the story, impressed with the acting, impressed with the cinematography.  Some were angry – angry that the movie ended abruptly, angry that the Nigerian society pushed some people to choose such a life where they pay to be abused by others.  

Some of the commenters said they were ready to take up the life of the sex workers in Europe. Whether this was in jest or seriousness, we may not know. 

But this came on the heels of the current issues going on in the country with police brutality and the economy. They believe they have chances of a better life in Europe than they have currently in Nigeria. 

In all, there are mixed reactions to the movie. It is a mix of serious thoughts and bants. We shall leave you with the comments: 



Lastly… One major caveat placed in the movie is that it is a work of fiction, and has no relation to people, dead or alive. We however found onetone claim to the contrary. Tobore Mit Ovuorie, an investigative journalist, tweeted a claim that Oloture is the result of the investigative journalism she did in 2014, but for which she was given no credit.

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