The Miracle Centre (2021) Movie Review, Cast, Crew

The Miracle Centre (2021): Synopsis: Set in Panya Grammar School, Mr Greg arrives Panya and meets a system he doesn’t seem to understand: teachers are not doing well professionally. His determination to bring about a change in the system to ensure a corruption-free school and society is fraught with stiff opposition and challenges from a group of persons.


The Miracle Centre: Cast

  • Yemi Sodimu
  • Hafeez ‘Saka’ Oyetoro
  • Ayo Mogaji
  • Femi Adebayo
  • Ayobami ‘Woli Agba’ Ajewole
  • Etinosa Idemudia
  • Samuel ‘Bro Shaggi’ Perry
  • Rotimi Salami
  • Odunlade Adekola
  • Rachel Okonkwo
  • Mary Owen
  • Muyiwa Donald
  • Chinoso ‘Nons Miraj’ Uka
  • Ralph Niyi


The Miracle Centre: Crew

  • Niyi Towolawi – Director
  • Bode Odetoye – Producer


The Miracle Centre 2021 movie review


The Miracle Centre: Movie Review

The Miracle Centre was supposed to be a funny social criticism highlighting how corruption fights back when you go up against it, but it should have been left on the small screen. The story and the acting did not have enough depth or conflict to make it a candidate for the big screen. 

It was however refreshing to see a mix of old and new faces, with a small number of Yoruba Nollywood actors putting in their best to the movie.  

It was a simple and  easy to follow plot, with minimal subplots. It promised laughter, but the comedy was minimal and elicited smiles rather than the hearty laughter you expect when you go to the cinema for a comedy. The new actors showed they still had a lot to learn; their acting was tentative and I think the director could have gotten more out of them than they gave us in the movie. 

The cinematography in the movie was basic and was not too exciting, and the movie got boring and tedious in some parts. 

The location of the movie was appropriate. However, the director could have provided more extras to give a true sense of a crowded village school, though they tried to explain it away in the movie. The resolution of the conflict in the movie seemed rushed and left you wondering what the almost two-hour stretch had been about.  

NollyRated Score: Sub-Par Movie (2/5)

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