Rattlesnake (2020 movie): A Social Media roundup

Rattlesnake the Ahanna story is a remake of the ‘RattleSnake’,  a 1994 Nollywood classic directed by the late Amaka Igwe and produced by Austin Awulonu. It tells the story of a young boy named Ahanna Okolo (Francis Duru), who got into the life of crime as a result of unfortunate events in his childhood.

The classic was made when there was no social media, but the current one is enjoying social media buzz and we have a compilation of what the people are saying about the movie.  The movie was released during the weekend of 20 November, after a star studded premier. 

Rattlesnake the Ahanna story

Most of the movie goers indicated that they enjoyed the movie, though they did not mention specifics. Some said they would have preferred if some of the people who acted in the classic had roles in this remake.  Someone used memes to express how she felt at some of the scenes. 





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