Quam’s Money (2020) Movie Review, Synopsis, List of Cast, Director

Quam’s Money (2020) Synopsis:  A sequel to New Money, Quam’s Money follows the rags to riches story of Quam, a former gateman turned cryptocurrency guru, who tries to manoeuvre the world of the rich and famous without getting scammed. Does he succeed?

Quam’s Money (2020)  Cast:

  • Folarin (Falz) Falana
  • Nse Ikpe-Etim
  • Michelle Dede
  • Karibi Fubara
  • Onyebuchi Ojieh
  • Jemimah Osunde
  • Toni Tones
  • Uchemba Williams

Director: Kayode Kasum

Quam’s Money (2020) Movie Review

Quam’s Money (2020) Movie Review:

Folarin (Falz) Falana is the main protagonist of Quam’s money, but Nse Ikpe-Etim is the star of the movie. Even after five years of being away from our screens, she still has the goods! Quam’s Money may be a sequel to the romantic comedy, New Money, but this movie has an international crime racket and mafia plot. It was very refreshing to see Nollywood foray successfully into this area. 

The movie kicking off with Quam giving us a bit of background from New Money was a good move. It allowed us to come to speed in a way that did not bog us down in a repetition of scenes from the previous movie. 

The almost totally new cast was a great move by the producers. It was even directed by another individual, giving it a different flavour and depth, and showing us we can have collaboration and continuity in Nollywood without necessarily having the same set of people involved. Quam’s Money is a fair attempt at giving us an international standard mafia movie without taking away that Nigerian flavour that we enjoy.

However, at a point, the movie began to drag. There was a 30-minute period during which I was totally confused about where the plot was going. But the plot twist towards the end redeemed the movie eventually. 

The acting was better than average, and this was largely due to the talents of Nse Ikpe-Etim, Michelle Dede, and Toni Tones.  Falz has really done well with his bad English speaking character. It produces laughs, but to let us know he has the range, and to establish him as a true actor, I think it is time to rest the character and take up other roles. But we know Nollywood loves to milk characters to death, so that might be wishful thinking.

All hail queen Nse! She brought the A game she is known for. It almost felt like she never left. She fully embodied the character – in carriage and in the facial expressions that say so much. She is a delight to watch. 

Michelle Dede was such a perfect person for the role of head of the security agency. She fully possessed the poise and aura needed for the role.  Toni Tones has never disappointed, even in switching roles and characters fluidly, as required by the movie. 

The greatest surprise is Williams Uchemba. It was so pleasant to see him suddenly switch over from the village idiot to the mafia king. The change was totally unexpected and it was a stroke of genius by the producer and director.  

The movie finished in a satisfying manner, with the ending redeeming the earlier drag and confusion in the middle of the movie. Quam’s Money could have been shorter, as some of the scenes were unnecessary. As is usual with many Nollywood movies, the movie ended on a cliffhanger indicating a sequel, probably to create a saga for the Money movies. 

Where to watch: In cinemas and on Netflix.

NollyRated Score: Okay Movie (3/5)

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