Movie Review: In Bed With The Pedros (2023), On Amazon Prime Video, Has A Great Premise But Shoddy Execution

Synopsis: Jide and Hauwa Pedro accidentally run over a teenage girl while having sex on their way to an event. Jide has a political aspiration that he refuses to put at risk to save the life of the girl, setting him on a path of conflict with Hauwa.

The Cast 

  • Ademola Adedoyin – Jide
  • Rahama Sadau – Hauwa
  • Akin Lewis – Pedro
  • Oluyinka Omilani – Abd Salam
  • Alero Amarachi
  • Iyiola Elvis – Wilson
  • Yemi Solade  – Madu
  • Adunni Ade – Teniola

The Crew

  • Produced by: Niyi Towolawi
  • Directed by: Niyi Towolawi

In Bed with the Pedros Nigerian movie on Prime Video

In Bed with the Pedros: The Review

The premise of this movie is a refreshing one, but the acting, plot loopholes, and shoddy production almost ruined things. The movie is just okay and despite the efforts of some of the great actors, it falls short in so many ways.

Ademola Adedoyin’s acting leaves me with mixed feelings. In some movies and shows, he demonstrates fantastic skills, and in some other movies, like this one, I am not sure of his acting. For a professional with acting education, he sometimes acts subdued; he seems not to give of himself fully to these roles.

Rahama Sadau is her usual muted self here, but she shows a bit more action. Though it still lacks the ‘It’ quality, she has improved from the previous movies NR has reviewed.

Akin Lewis and Yemi Solade are both veterans and they do their best with the material provided to them.

The cinematography of this movie is subpar; the lighting leaves much to be desired. The locations make you wonder if this is a low-budget movie. But the worst part is the shoddy handling of the plot; it has no subplot, yet it does not do great justice to the main plot.

Some of the connecting scenes make you ask questions about the believability of the situation, and why it should be so. As much as we suspend beliefs in movies, particularly action, comedy, and fantasy genres, the drama genre is as close to reality as possible. The required belief of suspense for this movie is not realistic.

The premise of the story is one that needs to be told, but this movie does not handle it properly.

NollyRated Score

Score: 2/5 (Sub Par Movie)

NollyRated uses a 5-level scoring system, as follows:

  1. Poor
  2. Sub Par
  3. Okay
  4. Great
  5. Outstanding

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