What People Are Saying About Elesin Oba, The Movie

The much anticipated movie adaptation of Professor Woke Soyinka’s work, Elesin Oba (The King’s Horseman) was released on Netflix, yesterday 4th of November 2022, and comments are already flowing in about the movie.

Social media is practically on fire with criticism and applause for the movie, depending on who you are following.

What people are saying about Elesin Oba

Reproduced/embedded below are a sample of different comments on the movie. We specifically chose comments from those who say they have seen the movie.

What People Are Saying About Elesin Oba, The Movie

The comments are not all negative, though. Quite a number of positive ones came in. Have a look:

Stage play adaptations for film are a tricky thing to pull off. As such, it is understandable that feedback on Elesin Oba is a mix of positive and negative. Have you seen the movie? What do you think of it?

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3 thoughts on “What People Are Saying About Elesin Oba, The Movie”

  1. Its a beautiful movie, the depth of the Yoruba language, the rich cultural values, the casting, the storyline and interpretation are all beautiful. I am sure Prof. Soyinka would be proud of this.

    Yet, I do not expect all to appreciate this movie because not all would understand the logic and hard work embedded in the adaptation of a stage play into filming.

  2. I did not say the movie is not good but about the traditional maqurade I mean the Egugun what there did is not good at all that mean there are cussing the traditional of yourba am so angry about that is how some actor just died like that there did not think before doing some things like that God am so Angry at odunlade Adekola that is what femi Adebayo can do that all that Y I like femi


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